Wegmans Manager Humbled by Record-Breaking Opening

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Thousands of Wegmans shoppers crowded the new Northborough store during Sunday's opening.
Thousands of Wegmans shoppers crowded the new Northborough store during Sunday's opening. Photo Credit: Michelle Bradley
Wegmans Manager Kevin Russell
Wegmans Manager Kevin Russell Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. - Two days after the larger-than-life opening of the Northborough Wegmans, shoppers are still busily buzzing around the aisles, breaking previous records set by the New York-based grocer.

An estimated 25,500 people showed up for Wegmans' opening day at Northborough Crossing on Sunday, with some shoppers camping out or traveling hours for the chance to shop at the largest grocery store in New England.

“I'm very humbled, it's amazing that people would choose to drive the distances that they drove, and maybe put things off with their families to see what we had to offer them,” said Wegmans manager Kevin Russell. “It makes us very proud.”

From the store's prices to its variety of groceries, Russell has been overwhelmed with positive feedback from Wegmans faithful shoppers.

“(Shoppers) were enjoying all of the fun and excitement,” Russell added. “They're very, very happy we came to town.”

The store continued to host crowds even after opening. The parking lot remained full Monday and Tuesday, with newcomers closely following shoppers exiting the store in hopes of grabbing a nearby parking spot.

One compliment that appears to be echoing through the Northborough store is credit to Wegmans' 620-person staff.

“It was unbelievable how they were able to keep up with the supply and demand with a smile on their face and continue to have a great attitude,” he said.

A web-based “thank you” has also been extended by Northborough Wegmans on its Facebook page, sharing that Sunday broke opening-day records. In 2004, the Wegmans opening in Dulles, Virginia drew 20,000 people.

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