Cavaretta Challenges Eldridge To More Debates In Senate Race

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Republican state senate candidate Dean Cavaretta, left, recently challenged state Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) to a series of debates in September and October. Photo Credit: File

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. — Republican Dean Cavaretta has challenged state Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) to more debates in the race for the Middlesex and Worcester District seat before Election Day.

"Sen. Eldridge and I disagree on a jobs plan, on health care, on how to improve our transportation system and on taxes," Cavaretta said at a campaign stop in Hudson on Wednesday. "Based on all of these differences, the residents of Middlesex and Worcester deserve to hear details about our priorities and what they will be choosing between in November." 

Thus far, Cavaretta’s campaign has mentioned two planned debates. The first one is sponsored by Sudbury Patch, Acton Patch and Acton TV. The Westborough Republican and Democratic Town Committees is planning the second debate. The dates are not yet finalized for either debate.

"With 14 cities and towns and 160,000 residents, I think we owe it to the voters to have robust debates," Cavaretta said Thursday.

But Eldridge said Cavaretta has yet to contact him directly about any debate proposals. He did say, however, that he agreed with his opponent’s proposal.

"I’m actually hoping for six debates," Eldridge said. "Each time I've run for the Senate, there have been at least five debates."

Eldridge said he expects plans for debates to be set once the summer ends and the groups sponsoring them meet more often.  

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