Northborough school bus information

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NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. – Back to school usually means back to buses for students. Now that the newsletter and bus routes are available, here’s everything you need to know about buses in Northborough.

Parents of students in all Northborough Public Schools can view the bus routes on the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough’s website. If a paper copy is required, parents can contact the Office of the Superintendent at (508) 486-5115. Copies are also available at each school.

Parents who have concerns relating to school bus transportation can call their school’s principal. If their concerns are not resolved, then parents should contact the Superintendent’s Office.

The school buses in the three districts are equipped with seatbelts and the administration strongly recommends that all of our students start off the school year by “buckling up” and continue this safety procedure throughout the year.

According to the newsletter, all of the schools will be conducting classes again this year on school bus safety and the importance of wearing seatbelts. They urge parents to support and discuss buckling up with students so they continue to use seatbelts.

It is the school districts policy to close schools only when weather conditions are so severe as to cause a safety hazard for buses and children walking to and from school. When schools are open on stormy days, parents can exercise their personal judgment as to whether or not they should send their children to school. The newsletter states it is very difficult to make a storm-related decision that satisfies the needs of each parent.

For more information the school year, contact the Public schools of Northborough and Southborough at (508) 486-5115.

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